ARTIST: PcUniverse
ALBUM: 8102

The streetlights have all gone out. An abandoned, wheel-less car on the sidewalk has been burning mysteriously for weeks. Love is lost, nothing is worth scavenging, and everyone has given up. But somehow, beauty survives in the ruins. Loneliness is curiously satisfying. Memories of vacant consumerism under fluorescent lights echo among the rubble. The beaming face of a Japanese girl is half peeled from a disintegrating billboard. This is the world we enter as we embark on a haunting adventure by PcUniverse. With broad, boldly experimental strokes the artist explores a unique brand of dark, ambient industrial vaporwave that surges, crackles, rolls and flutters like detritus in a dystonian wind. The dissonance is generously sprinkled with haunting melodies that seem to call from a strained nostalgia for a past that never existed. I can’t promise that you will leave 8102 unscathed, but I can promise you the journey is worth it.

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