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The Shimmering Brilliance of the Last Sunset

Here is a concept album that works on every level. The story has been told many times in many ways; the end. The decline. The collapse of civilization, and what remains afterward. Rarely has this tale been conveyed with such starkly elegant beauty as with this telling. Yahoo Geocitiesโ„ข navigates the dreamscapes of dystopia as both pilgrim and explorer, on a mission but not in a hurry. Each track is more like a phase; a different place and experience along the journey. This is what a concept album should feel like. Here the artist makes all the right choices, from the album art, to the first notes, through the nostalgic ruins and dusty yearnings, to the very last ray of hope and rebirth. You are about to be taken on a journey through time, place and emotions. This isn’t just great music; it’s great story-telling. Like any concept album, it is best enjoyed in one sitting. Sit back, close your eyes, and prepare to be completely lost for the next hour.

2 thoughts on “The Shimmering Brilliance of the Last Sunset

  1. Now, this piece has an incredible sound that harkens the space coast vibe circa 2019… shoutout to Brazil-based artist Yahoo Geocities TM for concocting a vivid sonic landscape of imbrication! the album instantly invokes a late-capitalist world in which Olympic stadiums and crumbling public event spaces, dot the surface of the world, left behind to disintegrate in ghost towns once the global capital influx of entertainment breezed its path through and out…

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! This is officially the first non-spam comment on this young website. I’m most grateful!I really love this album, and your words put me in the mood to listen to it again right now! The artist will be delighted. Thank you so much for so eloquently describing your impressions. They are spot on. The fact that we both hear the same thing and have the same impressions is a testament that the artist achieved the desired effect.

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