Whenever someone asks me what does mallsoft sounds like, I’ll play them this album. Not only will they find the best possible answer to their question, but they will also be fully absorbed into an immersive 1 hr 11 minute mallsoft experience. Nostalgia for the mundane is a pervasive theme of “Marketingwave™” by MAXIMUMDELUX ’93. I hear my neighbor’s television echoing down the hall. I’m waiting on hold on a cloudy Monday morning, or I’m wandering the mall at closing time, or someone in a convertible is at a red light under the overpass with the AM radio blasting on a sultry night in 1993. Later that night I’m walking beneath the same overpass, but the intersection is empty and a man is playing a saxophone at the bus stop. Whatever your impressions or memories of bygone decades, this album will transport you to a time when shopping was innocent fun, and the future was ripe with the promise the a shallow, care-free life of afternoon TV and frivolous consumerism.

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