We didn’t realize how innocent we were. Getting stoned, wandering aimlessly through the mall, looking for someplace to drop our only $5, the promise of romance and love passing with each cute girl who walked by. The coins that paved the fountain floor looked like barely imaginable wealth, as we joked and fantasized about how we’d plan the heist. There was no such thing as boredom; just being alive was more than enough. With SkyMall87, Void Microsystems blows the dust from the nostalgic pages of our past, and leafs through them slowly and gently, allowing us time to savor every note and nuance. It shimmers like a lone silver cloud on a lazy summer blue sky. We had not a care in the world. Summers seemed eternal. Pull up a bench, let go of the worries of today, and allow the artist to immerse you into a this world. You might not ever want to leave.

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