Most artists, setting out to create a retrospective, would choose a track or two from each past album and assemble them into a compilation. Not PcUniverse, who’s approach is always imaginative, creative and adventurous. 17th, as the title implies, is his 17th album. He commemorates this milestone with all new tracks, but created in the style to fit each of his 16 previous albums, one track per album, in order. This creates a uniquely nostalgic journey, as his musical adventures have ranged from classic vapor, vaporjazz, vaporfunk, slush, genre-defying space vapor, and dark ambient. Applying his more advanced technical abilities to the stylistic sensibilities of everything from his first album, to his most recent, is an ear-opening experience that doesn’t disappoint. 17th not only points to his past accomplishments, but a bright future of excellent music to come.

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