Department of Interplanetary Communications

Tune in to the special Micro Quasar frequency for an interstellar adventure, star-hopping and consuming mysterious alien intoxicants while the syncopated gyrations of Trophy Husband’s cosmic sounds stretch the boundaries of what terrestrial music can sound like. True to themore

Tropical Summer is for Lovers

This has become one of my all-time favorite vaporwave albums. What you are about to hear perfectly matches the album artwork. Smooth and jazzy and full of late-night tropical vibes, it ebbs and flows like gentle waves on a moonlitmore

A Young Wizard Breaks Out

The first word that comes to mind is “intense.” With Innerworld rain, 影corp weaves a spell in 12 parts. With syncopated intricacies, driving rhythms, self-aware lows and a super-cache of sonic Easter eggs, the craft here is nothing short ofmore

Crunchy and Delicious

Comma_komaƎda is a chronic perfectionist, and for this reason we don’t hear from him as frequently as we might prefer. However, whatever he does is worth wating for. With POLYGON READ ERROR, exacting self-expectations manifest in an intriguing blend ofmore

0202 – Beyond the End

0202 is a dystopian science fiction story told in music. From the first notes you can feel it, an ominous, yet understated tension that sets the tone. The tale is told in stark, haunting detail, alternating between— and weaving together—more

Ultra Mega Retro Huge

PcUniverse does it again with an exciting blend of classic vapor and vaporfunk. This tasty recipe includes just a dash of extra slush, a pinch of synthwave, an occasional dip into jazz, textured with some resonant cosmic retro space vibes.more

File Under_ Records Sampler 032020

Smooth vaporjazz! Melodic vaportrap! Cavernous mallsoft! Casual future funk! Apocalyptic ambient! Vaportrap hip hop! AND MORE! If you’ve missed any of amazing albums that have dropped on File Under_ Records since the initial 5 album launch in Nov, now ismore