Anticipated Releases

These are not necessarilly in order at this time.

ARTIST: Yahoo Geocities™
ALBUM: C-Program Files-Accessories-Hyperterminal
ARTIST: Diamond Disco
ALBUM: Diamond Disco
ARTIST: corvidae


SPECIAL EVENT: Nov 22-23 2021
File Under_ Records 2nd anniversary compilation, featuring unreleased tracks from label artists, and return appearances by h º r ¡ z º n щ ¡ r e l e s s, Moose, and… ?


ARTIST: comma_komaƎda
ALBUM: comma sutra

SPECIAL EVENT: Jan 1 through Jan 22 2022
4 WEEKS, 4 ALBUMS! All NEW RELEASES! Featuring: 影corp
Jan 01: 苦しみの光増幅
Jan 08: Dystopian Virtual
Jan 15: The Die Album
Jan 22: Broken