Life is Slower and Quieter Here.

You’ve never heard anything like this. File Under_Records proudly presents an entirely unique vaporwave experience. Creeksoft, by GMRAdioX, is a rural mallsoft project that totally works. It shows a reverance and an understanding of the source music. It captures the ambiance of country life without any sense of irony or gimmicks, everything from the cicadas to the fishing reel to the truck with a hole in the muffler. You get the babbling brook, the nieghbor’s stereo, the train whistle, the campfire, the unreliable radio signal that breaks up when you drive through a holler. I could swear the artist is in the hills of Kentucky or out here in the Ozarks where I live. This is the first vaporwave I’ve heard that captures the spirit, heart and escence of rural living. On every level, with every track, GMRadioX nails it 100% with a perfect album. You won’t forget the first time you heard “creeksoft.” It just might alter your perceptions of what vaporwave—and music, in general—can sound like.