Featured non-label album

Bordeaux​-​Carmin by Angeloose

This EP is like the dawn of summer in my ears. It begins with deeply interesting and melodic experimental pop and just keeps getting better right to the last note. The chosen single, Sambinha, is well selected for its gentle yet lively sound, and a melody so addictive it echoes in my head for hours and days after each listen.

There are no weak tracks on this album. There isn’t even a weak moment. The vocals are perfect for each track, emoting a rare warmth and accessibility makes me feel like a friend is right in the room singing for me. Even if they are not singing in my tongue, the language of music is universal. The accompanying arrangements are lush, and the mix is so warm and rich that you would think it was done in a big, expensive studio somewhere rather than, apparently, on a laptop? Seriously?

No matter how you look or how you listen, this is a fresh, exciting and beautiful album. Personally, I can’t get enough! I hope there is a lot more to come from this duo, because when it comes to music, they are weavers of miracles.